About Us


All the people who are from Chitwan Nepal and residing in the UK and Northern Ireland are the members of CATUK. All the members can apply for life member who are also known as registered members and reserve the right to be appointed in and or select  executive board members at AGM.

“Linking members to the Motherland Nepal”

“Integrating the people of Chitwan residing in the UK and engaging them for socio-economic development of Chitwan with emphasis on delivering health and educational projects by establishing a resourceful organisation”


  • To promote community image and co-operation amongst people of Chitwan living and working in the United Kingdom.
  • To exchange ideas and thoughts, initiate collaboration with other organisations that have similar interest and be of assistance whenever possible.
  • To assist those living below the poverty line in the Chitwan District with regards to their health and education.
  • To seek assistance and support wherever possible amongst the Nepalese community in the United Kingdom.
  • To foster a good relationship amongst the Nepalese, British and people from different ethnic origins in the United Kingdom.



By: Business Tentacles