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Welcome To Our Website

Chitwan Aid Trust UK (CATUK) is a representative organisation of people of Chitwan residing in the United Kingdom. Main aim of organisation is to develop a core platform to integrate and encourage the members in support to the marginalised people of deprived areas in Chitwan. It has been providing different supporting activities to the needy people in curing their health issues and assisting to uplift education status of poor children since its inception in 2004. CAT UK has provided support to the patient of Thalassemia in association with Chitwan Red Cross and Bharatpur Hospital in curing their health status by sponsoring blood over the period of time. It has been offering health assistance by organising mobile health camps, supporting resources to health centres of remote areas. It also has provided financial support to bring the street children in main stream education in coordination of local NGOs. Recently CATUK has supported to rebuild infrastructure of a school building of Dhodeni Primary School in Kabilas VDC of Chitwan.
CATUK seeks support from all generous people to join hand for the support of people in need


Constitution of Chitwan Aid Trust

The Constitution of Chitwan Aid Trust (CAT) UK1. NameThe name of the Charity shall be: CHITWAN AID TRUST UNITED KINGDOM (CAT UK)The principal office of the charity is in ………………………….England.2. ObjectsThe Charity’s objects (‘the...

Academic Felicitation

चितवनबाट बेलायत आउनुभई बेलायतका स्कुल बाट २०१६ को GCSE, A level मा सहभागी हुनु भएका , University बाट Undergraduate, Graduate ,Master Degree, PhD डिग्री लिनु भएका सम्पूर्ण महानुभाबहरु लाई संस्थाको यही १४अगस्त २०१६ मा...

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