Welcome Chitwan Aid Trust

Welcome Chitwan Aid Trust (CAT UK)

The Chitwan Aid Trust (CAT) UK Ltd is founded by the people who originate from the Chitwan district of Nepal to UK. It was registered in the Companies House on 9 September 2014 as a company limited by guarantee.

The charitable objectives of the Company would be for the public benefit in any part of the world but primarily in support of people in the remote areas of Chitwan district of Nepal. The activities include providing relief and assistance of people who are the victims of natural disaster, trouble, or catastrophe and to advance education for the benefit of the public in particular but not exclusively .....

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जानकारी को साथै हार्दिक निमन्त्रणा... चितवनेहरू को साझा संस्था चितवन एड ट्रस्ट (क्याट युके) को समर BBQ अनि बिबिध साँस्कृतिक कार्यक्रमको साथमा ८औं अधिवेशन आउने ७ जुलाई आईतबार हुन गईरहेको जानकारी गराउँदछु । सबैले आ-आफ्नो बिदा मिलाउनु होला भेटघाट गर्नु पर्छ अनि रमाईलो गर्नु पर्छ है... मिति : 7th July 2019 स्थान : मेरिडियन स्पोर्ट्स क्लबको हल Charlton, London SE7 8QS N...

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